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Astral Darkness is a DJ/Electronic music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Experimenting with several styles of music, including Industrial, Trip-Hop, Big Beat, Dark Ambient, taking his influences from NIN, Massive Attack to Crystal Method and Aphex Twin.

Astral developed his skills in electronic dance music in Palma de Mallorca. Taking his sound throughout Spain, DJing in cities such Sevilla and Madrid. He undertook a sound engineering course, specialising in music production and sound design for video games also paved the way for his first album entitled Soul Revelations which reached Number One in the electronic charts and made the Spanish Top 10 in its first week of release. 

Now relocated in London, Astral Darkness won the readers vote of The Wall Of Sound at Electronic Sound Magazine UK.

In 2015 Astral Darkness began to work in the production of his next album entitled Surreal Dreams and the shooting of the first official video for the song Moondance. He released the first collaboration with London based band Little Death Machine for their upcoming single Pale. On August 2015 
Surreal Dreams becomes Astral Darkness second official release followed by a video for the song Spectrum.

By September 2016 Astral Darkness announced a new EP called Hell Is A State Of Mind. Release date on October 31st.